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EASA allows electronic devices to remain On and Connected throughout the flight
26 September 2014
Personal Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Devices on a safety instructions card

European regulator EASA lifted restrictions on the use of Portable Electronic Devices (PED)include any kind of electronic device brought on board the aircraft by a passenger such as a tablet, a laptop, a smartphone, an e-reader or a MP3 player.

Due to this decision, European airlines can also allow the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) throughout the flight, without the need to be in ‘Airplane Mode’.

It is up to each airline to decide to allow the use of PEDs. In order to do this, the airline will have to go through an assessment process, ensuring aircraft systems are not affected in any way by the transmission signals from the PEDs. For this reason, there may be differences among airlines whether and when PEDs can be used.

Passengers must at all times follow the airline crew instructions.

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