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ANSV issues safety recommendations following rise in runway incursions in Italy
26 September 2014
Runway incursions in Italy 2002-2013 (ANSV)

Runway incursions in Italy 2002-2013 (ANSV)

The Italian National Flight Safety Agency ANSV issued safety recommendations to prevent runway incursions in Italy following a sharp rise of incidents in 2013.

The ANSV reported that the number of runway incursions at Italian airports increased by 40% to 151 in 2013. Of these occurrences 24 involved animals, the remaining 127 involved vehicles, aircraft or persons. Most of these occurrences happened at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (26), followed by Bologna (14) and Milan-Linate (10).

The current number of occurrences for 2014 (until September 22) stands at 65. In order to reduce the risk of runway incursions, ANSV concluded the safety study with four safety recommendations:

  1. Vehicles operating on runway areas should be equipped with radios that can operate, at least in listening on VHF channels to allow the driver the hear communications between ATC and aircraft taking off and landing.
  2. All individuals who need to work on runways, regardless of whether they are airport employees or contractors, should obtain a qualification, stating that they are able to operate on a highly critical runway environment.
  3. A survey should be carried out of the airport layouts to verify the possibilities to make improvements that reduce the possibility of runway incursions.
  4. All relevant airport vehicles should be equipped with a Mode S transponder, so as to allow the full integration with the ground movement systems at those airports.


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