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List of aircraft damaged during fighting at Tripoli Airport, Libya
31 August 2014

In July 2014 fighting broke out in the area of Tripoli International Airport, Libya. Anti-government and pro-government militias were engaged in fighting, using among others anti-aircraft guns and rocket propelled grenades. 

As a result, Tripoli Airport was closed for traffic on July 13, 2014. In the days and weeks after the closure, many aircraft were damaged as result of the fighting. Using satellite imagery of the airport, made on July 25, and photos from the airport, the Aviation Safety Network compiled a list of damaged aircraft.


Satellite image of Tripoli Airport platform 25 July 2014 with aircraft location and damage

Satellite image of Tripoli Airport platform 25 July 2014 with aircraft location and damage

registration type operator damage
5A-… Ilyushin 76 Libyan Air Cargo Struck by RPG fire; consumed by fire (27 July 2014)
5A-DCM Dassault Falcon 50 Libyan Government Unknown damage; rebels climbed on the fuselage and wings (23 August 2014)
5A-DMH B737-800 Buraq Unknown damage
5A-DNG Ilyushin 76 Libyan Air Cargo Struck by RPG fire; consumed by fire (16 July 2014).
5A-DTC Agusta A109E Libya Border Patrol Unknown damage (14 July 2014).
5A-DTI Agusta A109E Libya Border Patrol Destroyed after rocket attack (14 July 2014)
5A-DTP AW139 Libyan Police Sustained damage during a rocket attack (14 July 2014)
5A-FLB Avro RJ100 Air Libya Unknown damage
5A-LA. CRJ-900 Libyan Airlines Unknown damage
5A-LAA CRJ-900 Libyan Airlines Damage to nose section; right hand side struck by fire or shrapnel (14 July 2014).
5A-LAD ? CRJ-900 Libyan Airlines Struck by shelling above left hand forward passenger door.
5A-LAH A320 Libyan Airlines Bullet holes below registration mark on r/h rear fuselage.
5A-LAI A320 Libyan Airlines Tail section ripped off after being struck by shelling (27 July 2014)
5A-LAJ A320 Libyan Airlines Left hand overwing escape slide deployed.
5A-LAL CRJ-900 Libyan Airlines Hit by shelling; burnt out (20 July 2014)
5A-LAN CRJ-900 Libyan Airlines Unknown damage; graffiti on fuselage.
5A-LAS A330-200 Libyan Airlines R/h fuselage above wing hit by RPG (15 July 2014) and right hand wing tip severed.
5A-ONC A319 Afriqiyah Righ hand rear lower fuselage pierced by shrapnel.
5A-ONF A330-200 Afriqiyah Burnt out after being struch by RPG or similar (20 July 2014).
5A-ONH A330-200 Afriqiyah Light bullet damage to nose section.
5A-ONI A319 Afriqiyah Right hand forward cargo door ruptures due to shrapnel (14 July 2014)
5A-ONM A320 Afriqiyah Right hand rear fuselage hit by shrapnel (14 July 2014)
5A-ONN A320 Afriqiyah Unknown damage.
5A-ONP A330-200 Afriqiyah Unknown damage.
5A-WAC B737-400 Buraq Damaged by bullets and shrapnel; escaped to Malta 18 July 2014.
5A-WAD B737-500 Buraq Unknown damage
9H-AEY DHC-8-300 Medavia Hit by shrapnel inside hangar (14 July 2014)
TS-INN A320 Libyan Airlines Right hand fuselage between windows pierced by shrapnel (14 July 2014).

Photos circulating online show a CRJ-900 with debris or shell impact damage above the right hand forward door. Likely this is 5A-LAD which had similar damage on the left hand side.

Either 5A-ONF or 5A-ONP must have suffered a punctured fuel tank beneath the left hand wing, according to photographic evidence. It was on July 13 while parked at position 5-1 and later (before July 25) towed to a position on Apron 1.


Aircraft stored or withdrawn from use at the time of the fighting

5A-… Iluyshin 76 Libyan Air Cargo ? Struck by RPG fire and was consumed by fire (before 25 July 2014).
5A-… Iluyshin 76 Libyan Air Cargo ? Struck by RPG fire; forward fuselage consumed by fire.
5A-DBZ Lockheed JetStar Libyan Government Consumed by fire. (14 July 2014).
5A-DMN/O/P Boeing 727 Buraq Consumed by fire. (14 July 2014).
5A-DTG/H Fokker F-28 Libyan Arab Airlines Consumed by fire. (before 25 July 2014).
5A-ONK Airbus A320 Afriqiyah Airways Parked due to severe damage during fighting on August 25, 2011. Consumed by fire between July 25 and August 23, 2014 after being hit by RPG(?) fire.