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Portugal disagrees with Brazil incident classification and starts own investigation into TAP A330 runway excursion
24 August 2014
CS-TOJ bogged down next to the runway.

CS-TOJ bogged down next to the runway.

The Brazilian aircraft accident investigation agency, CENIPA, decided that a recent runway excursion of a TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330 was not a serious incident and decided not to conduct an investigation. The Portuguese counterpart GPIAA disagreed and decided to conduct it’s own investigation.

The serious incident, as such classified by the GPIAA, occurred on June 8, 2014. TAP Flight TP0035 was preparing for departure from Belém/Val-de-Cans International Airport in Brazil. The flight was cleared to back track on runway 24 and make a 180-degree turn to line up for departure from runway 06. It was dark and weather conditions were poor with  heavy rain.

While performing the 180-degree turn at the end of the runway, the airplane slid or taxied off the side of the runway. All three landing gears departed the paved surface of the runway and became bogged down in soft soil.

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