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Report: ATR-72 engine fire incident at Madrid, Spain
2 August 2014
File photo of ATR-72 EC-KKQ in 2007 (Photo: Alec Wilson / CC:by-sa)

File photo of ATR-72 EC-KKQ in 2007 (Photo: Alec Wilson / CC:by-sa)

Spanish investigators released an interim report on an incident involving an engine fire and emergency return of an ATR-72 at Madrid, Spain.

On June 24, 2013, Air Europa flight AEA 7306, operated by a Swiftair ATR-72, suffered a number 1 engine failure shortly after takeoff from Madrid. The airplane was bound for Vigo Airport, Spain with 69 passengers and 4 crew members. The ATR-72-500, EC-KKQ, was equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127F engines.

Two extinguishing bottles were fired by the crew because they received an engine fire warning. The crew then declared an emergency and reported to the controller that they wanted to land on runway 36R, which was being used for takeoffs.

The controller directed an Airbus A319 to taxy off the runway before the ATR was able to perform the emergency landing.

The interim results published by the CIAIAC show that the engine failure was caused by a rupture of one of the turbine blades of the nr. 2 turbine. The vibrations as a result of this caused the rupture of a lubrication pipe. An oil fire then occurred.

The investigation is ongoing.

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