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Twitter Analysis Malaysia Airlines flight MH192 incident
24 April 2014
Malaysia Airlines's tweet after the safe landing.

Malaysia Airlines’s tweet after the safe landing.

The Aviation Safety Network analysed over 130.000 tweets posted about an incident involving flight MH192, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 that suffered a burst tyre on takeoff from Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia on April 20.

As the incident unfolded, with the airplane flying a holding pattern for several hours, Malaysia Airlines already issued  statements on Twitter and Facebook. Many people turned to Twitter to express their concerns by adding tags like ‘#PrayForMH192′ and by sharing data and screen shots from online flight tracking websites.

The analyis shows amongst others that most tweets were posted at 02:08 hours local time in Malaysia at a rate of over 2100 per minute.  This was about ten minutes after the flight had safely landed back at Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines’ crisis communication tweets were among the tweets that were shared (retweeted) the most, one even over 7700 times.

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