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Report: Airbus A330 runway excursion on landing in heavy rain at Taipei
24 June 2013
Position of the aircraft relative to the runway (source: ASC)

Position of the aircraft relative to the runway (source: ASC)

The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) released the investigation report of a incident involving an Airbus A330-300 aircraft that veered off the runway on landing in heavy showers at Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan.

On August 12, 2012, an Airbus A330-300 aircraft, operated by China Airlines, performing a scheduled passenger flight CI 680, took off from Hong Kong International Airport for Taoyuan International Airport with 306 people on board.
During the descent towards Taoyuan Aiport, the crew were warned about unstable winds on ground. The runway was in sight at 15 nautical miles away, visual range was about half of the runway. Heavy showers were then reported by the Taipei Tower controller with a visibility of 8000 meters.
The aircraft remained on the runway 23L extended centerline during final approach with a slight inclination to the right. The aircraft landed at the right side of the runway centerline, the touchdown point was 1,470 ft from the runway 23L threshold. Prior to nose gear touchdown, the flight crew used the left rudder to correct the rightward track and keep the course parallel to the runway but without success. The aircraft veered off the runway 23L at 2,220 ft from threshold. Two runway edge lights were damaged and the aircraft right main gear rolled over a cement manhole structure. The flight crew used nose gear steering and rudder to maneuver the aircraft back to the runway at 4,220 ft from the runway 23L threshold. The aircraft decelerated and vacated the runway via Taxiway S3 and the flight crew requested a towing service to tow aircraft back to the ramp. Maintenance personnel inspected the aircraft’s lower right belly skin and found several minor scratches. All people on board were safe.

Probable cause:
The aircraft encountered momentary heavy showers and flight visibility dropped down suddenly before landing. During flare, the flight crew was not aware of the control stick was pressed rightwards intermittently; the aircraft landed on the right side of the runway centerline and continued veering off to the right. The flight crew used immediately the left rudder to correct but did not continue using the left rudder or consider to initiate rejected landing; which made the aircraft veered off the runway rightward.

Six safety recommendations were issued.

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