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Eurocontrol issues European action plan for the prevention of runway excursions
24 January 2013

Eurocontrol has issued the ‘European action plan for the prevention of runway excursions’, a result of a combined effort with organsations like EASA, IATA and others.

The commitment of these organisations and of all operational staff is to prevent runway excursions using all practicable means available ranging from the design of the aircraft to airspace, procedures and technologies. Their intention is to enhance runway safety by advocating the implementation of the recommendations it contains.
Central to the recommendations is the uniform and consistent application of ICAO provisions. Whilst technology is undoubtedly part of the solution, training on unfamiliar situations that may lead to runway excursions is key to their prevention.

According to ICAO, runway excursions are a persistent problem and their numbers have not decreased in more than 20 years. The Flight Safety Foundation have said that runway excursions are the most common type of aviation accident, accounting for up to 33% of accidents over the last 16 years.

This European Action Plan is a deliverable of the European Aviation Safety Plan (EASp).

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