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Report: Pilot in Iranian accident landed below minima following a medical emergency
29 December 2012

The Iranian  Civil Aviation Organization reported that a jetliner accident in January 2010 occurred when the crew attempted to land their plane in below minima weather conditions following an on-board medical emergency.

On January 24, 2010, a Tupolev 154M passenger plane, operated by Taban Air, was destroyed in an accident at Mashhad Airport (MHD), Iran. There were 157 passengers and 13 crew members on board. Some 46 passengers were injured.

Taban Air flight 6437 originated in Abadan Airport (ABD) and diverted to Isfahan (IFN) because of poor weather at Mashhad Airport (MHD). When weather conditions had improved, the flight left Isfahan at 05:35. En route the visibility deteriorated again, forcing the crew to enter a holding pattern.
While waiting for the fog to clear, one of the passengers became seriously ill. Despite the limited visibility  the captain declared a medical emergency and attempted to land at Mashhad. During the landing the tail struck the ground. The right wing also struck the ground as the airplane veered off the runway. The undercarriage collapsed and a fire erupted.

The chief investigator in the case reported that charges were filed against the Russian pilot.

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