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Airline pilot with fake license sentenced by Dutch court
28 December 2012

A Swedish pilot who was arrested at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport with falsified papers in March 2010, was sentenced by a Dutch court. He was fined 4000 Euro’s and sentenced to 16 days in prison. He will also be grounded as a pilot for two years.

On March 2, 2010, the 41-year-old pilot was about to fly a Corendon Airlines Boeing 737 from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Ankara-Esenboga Airport (ESB/LTAC), Turkey with 101 passengers on board when he was arrested by Dutch police.

The pilot then confessed he had been flying for 13 years on a false licence, accumulating at least 10,000 hours flying hours. The man did have a pilot’s licence, but it was no longer valid for passenger aircraft, so he had falsified it.
He had worked for airlines in Belgium, Great Britain and Italy. A lawyer for Corendon Airlines commented that the pilot had worked for the airline for the last two years and had “expertly misled the company with his false papers”.