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Accident Learjet not airworthy and flown by a pilot without license
26 September 2012

Learjet D-CMMM at Prague in May 2010 (photo Vaclav Kudela)


The Danish Accident Investigation Board (AIB DK) released a preliminary report on the accident at Bornholm, Denmark involving a German-registered Learjet 24. It was reported that the airplane had no valid certificate of airworthiness. The pilot also did not posses the right license.

On September 15, 2012, Learjet 24D, registered D-CMMM, departed Strausberg Airport, Germany on a private flight to Bornholm-Rønne Airport. There were two occupants,  one pilot and a passenger who was seated on the right hand side on the flight deck. According to the approved flight manual, the minimum flight crew should consist of a pilot and a copilot.
Furthermore, the German Aviation Authorities reported that the pilot was not in possession of a valid German pilot license.

While on finals to Bornholm Airport, both engines flamed out as a result of fuel starvation. The airplane stalled and impacted terrain in a corn field with a low forward airspeed and a steep descent. Both occupants sustained serious injuries.

The German Aviation Authorities informed the AIB DK that the certificate of aircraft registration was cancelled in 2009.
The latest valid Airworthiness Certificate was from the 8th of March 2004 and valid up to the 31st of March 2005.


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