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Report: Dana Air MD-83 lost power in both engines before crash
13 July 2012

Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Board (AIB) published an initial report on the fatal accident at Lagos, Nigeria involving an MD-83 passenger plane on June 3, 2012. The report confirmed that both engines had lost power before crash.

The airplane was on the fourth flight segment of the day, consisting of two round-trips between Lagos and Abuja. The accident occurred during the return leg of the second trip.
Flight DAN 992 took off at 14:58 with a fuel endurance was 3.5 hours.  En route at an altitude of 26,000 feet  the captain and first officer were in a discussion of a nonnormal condition regarding the correlation between the engine throttle setting and an engine power indication. However, they did not voice concerns then that the condition would affect the continuation of the flight. The flight crew continued to monitor the condition and became increasingly concerned as the flight transition through the initial descent from cruise altitude at 15:22 and the subsequent approach phase.
After receiving a series of heading and altitude assignments from the controller, DAN 992 was issued the final heading to intercept the final approach course for runway 18R.
After selecting flaps, slats and landing gear down, the first officer inquired, “both engines coming up?” and the captain replied “negative, ” according to the cockpit voice recording.

The flight crew subsequently discussed and agreed to declare an emergency. At 15:42:10, DANA 992 radioed an emergency distress call indicating “dual engine failure…negative response from throttle.”
At 15:42:45, the captain reported the runway in sight and instructed the first officer to raise the flaps and 4 seconds later to raise the landing gear.
At 15:43:27 hours, the captain informed the first officer “we just lost everything, we lost an engine. I lost both engines”. During the next 25 seconds the flight crew attempted to restart the engines. The airplane did not reach the runway and crashed in a residential area about 9,3 km short of the runway 18R.
During the impact sequence, the airplane struck an incomplete building, two trees and three buildings. The wreckage was confined, with the separated tail section and engines located at the beginning of the debris field. A fire erupted.

The investigation is ongoing.