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EU updates list of banned airlines: adds Air Madagascar and all Mozambique carriers
19 April 2011

The European Commission has adopted today the 17th update of the list of airlines banned in the European Union. Some airlines – including four all-cargo air carriers from Indonesia and one air carrier from Ukraine – have been removed from the list as safety concerns have been satisfactorily addressed. However, all air carriers certified in Mozambique have been banned from flying into the EU as have the operations of Air Madagascar for two specific aircraft because of significant safety deficiencies requiring decisive action in both cases.

This update removes the previous ban on the operations of four Indonesian all cargo air carriers – Cardig Air, Republic Express, Asia Link and Air Maleo. This is due to solid enforcement action taken by the Indonesian authorities to ensure that their operations are safe. Restrictions on Ukrainian airline UMAir have also been removed after solid evidence showed its performance had improved.

The authorities of Angola, Cambodia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have intensified their efforts to enforce the international safety standards. On this basis some companies that are no longer engaged in commercial air transport have been taken off the list.

In order to ensure that there were no risks for safety from the operations of certain air carriers, the Commission with the unanimous support of the members of the Air Safety Committee has decided to impose operating restrictions in two cases. First, it has imposed an operating ban on all air carriers certified in Mozambique in view of the significant deficiencies faced by the civil aviation authorities of this country as reported by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the framework of its Universal Safety Oversight Audit. The Commission has also imposed restrictions on the two aircraft of type Boeing 767 operated by Air Madagascar given the persisting deficiencies in their operation and oversight.

Given that new airlines were established in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they have been added to the list as all carriers from this state are subject to operating restrictions due to insufficient capacity in the competent authorities to discharge their safety oversight responsibilities at that stage.

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