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Report: Fatigue stress caused Ilyushin 76 wheel failure
16 February 2011

On October 19th 2009, the pilot of an Ayk Avia IL-76TD, registered EK-76754, requested to return to the departure stand 56 at Sharjah International Airport after an aborted takeoff at runway 12 due to heavy vibration during the aircraft roll.

The United Arab Emirates’ General Civil Aviation Authority investigated the incident and reported that heavy vibration occurred during takeoff with the pilot-in-command (PIC) aborting at a speed of approximately 155 km/hr.

He retarded the throttles and advanced the thrust reversers when the aircraft started to decelerate normally. The aircraft vacated the runway via Taxiway D, and the PIC requested an ATC clearance to return to his departure stand 56 due to technical problem. Upon arrival, the crew disembarked the aircraft normally and the ground engineer, who was onboard the aircraft, requested the Airport Fire Services to cool down the axle of the left aft inboard main landing gear by dry air where a wheel had separated leaving part of its hub attached to the axle. During the runway inspection, the disintegrated wheel tyre was found at about 100 m from the aircraft stop point at the runway.

PROBABLE CAUSE:  The Investigation Department determined that the probable cause of the Ayk Avia Airline “aborted takeoff incident” was the fracture and disintegration of left hand inboard aft wheel due to progressive undetected fatigue stress. The cause of why the fatigue was undetected is not determined.

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