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Airliner accident review 2010: 831 fatalities in 29 accidents
2 January 2011

The Aviation Safety Network released the 2010 airliner accident statistics showing a total of 831 airliner accident fatalities, as a result of 29 fatal multi-engine airliner accidents.

Over the year 2010 the Aviation Safety Network recorded a total of 29 fatal airliner accidents, resulting in 831 fatalities and 6 ground fatalities. The number of fatalities is higher than the ten-year average of 810 fatalities. On the other hand, 2010 was the 6th safest year since 1945, by number of fatal accidents.

Of those 29 fatal accidents, 15 involved passenger flights, compared to eleven in 2009.

Six out of 29 accident airplanes were operated by airlines on the E.U. “black list” as opposed to five out of 30 in 2009.

In 2010 Africa showed marked decline in accidents: 17% of all fatal airliner accidents happened in Africa. Although this is still out of sync compared to the fact that the continent only accounts for approximately 3 percent of all world aircraft departures.

The Aviation Safety Network is an independent organisation located in the Netherlands. Founded in 1996. It has the aim to provide everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner accidents and safety issues. ASN is an exclusive service of the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF). The figures have been compiled using the airliner accident database of the Aviation Safety Network, the Internet leader in aviation safety information. The Aviation Safety Network uses information from authoritative and official sources like NTSB, ICAO etc.


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