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European Commission adds two Ghanaian airlines to the EU list of air carriers subject to an operating ban
2 September 2010

The European Commission has updated the list of airlines banned in the European Union to impose an operating ban on one air carrier from Ghana and to place operating restrictions on another air carrier from that country.

This update is adopted following exceptional measures taken by two Member States which have banned the air carriers in question from their territory. With this update, the carrier Meridian Airways from Ghana is included in the list of banned airlines as a consequence of a series of very poor results from inspections involving not only their aircraft but also facilities used by the airline in the EU.

Another air carrier from Ghana, Airlift International, was inspected in a Member State and the results indicated a standard well below that required by international standards. The Air Safety Committee unanimously supported the introduction of operating restrictions on Airlift International to exclude from operations into the EU the inspected aircraft, plus two others that are currently in storage. This leaves the company with one aircraft that is still permitted to operate into the EU. The Commission will continue to monitor closely the performance of the airline and will intensify its consultations with the civil aviation organisation of Ghana to find sustainable solutions to the identified safety problems. The Commission will review the case of the two carriers at the next meeting of the Air Safety Committee in November.

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