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Danish national audit office notes safety oversight improvement
13 August 2010

The Danish National Audit Office published follow-up report on their 2006 safety oversight audit of the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), noting several improvements.

The office lauded the CAA for creating a supervisory planning system, improving the database which CAA uses as basis for inspection plans and inspection reports.

Also, the Ministry of Transport now receives information about the STK’s oversight activities.  Sandinavisk Tilsynskontor (STK) is a joint inspection office between the three Scandinavian civil aviation authorities.

Yet, the offices notes that SAS Scandinavian Airlines still carried out “irregular flights”, flights that were carried out without performing inspections required by 20 different airworthiness directives (ADs).

According to the Danish CAA SAS performed 11,114 irregular flight during the 2006-2009 period: 2331 in 2006, 2788 in 2007, 3714 in 2008 and 2281 in 2009. This number should be significantly reduced after completion of the anticipated reorganization of supervision by mid 2010.

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