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FAA proposes civil penalty against Spirit Airlines
16 July 2010

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing to assess a  civil penalties of $50,000 against Spirit Airlins for alleged violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

The FAA alleges that Spirit Airlines returned an aircraft to service, and then operated that aircraft on revenue passenger flights when it was not in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations. The FAA alleged that Spirit failed to replace a faulty elevator aileron computer (ELAC) after the aircraft experienced an uncommanded pitch down of the nose while operating between Orlando, Fla. and San Juan, Puerto Rico on Aug. 21, 2009. Although Spirit’s maintenance program required replacement of the ELAC computer, the airline did not do so before flying the A321 on a revenue passenger flight the next day from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, when the aircraft experienced another uncommanded pitch down.

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