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Mutsinzi Report published on the Rwandan Presidential plane crash in 1994
13 January 2010

An official Rwandan committee published their findings on the crash of a Falcon 50 in 1994 that killed President Habyarimana.
The Committee of Experts Investigation of the April 6, 1994 Crash of President Habyarimana’s Dassault Falcon-­50 Aircraft was created via prime ministerial decree in April 2007. The incident holds tremendous historical significance since it kicked off a long-planned genocide that claimed the lives of over one million people in one hundred days.
It was concluded that the airplane crashed after being hit by at least one missile. The missiles were fired by the Anti­-Aircraft Battalion located near the Kigali Airport.
The assassination was the work of Hutu extremists who calculated that killing their own leader would torpedo a power-sharing agreement known as the Arusha Accords. (The Mutsinzi Report)