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UK Ministry of Defence announces new Air Safety Authority
18 December 2009

U.K. Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth announced the creation of a new military airworthiness authority to ensure aviation safety standards are of the highest order at all times.
The Military Aviation Authority (MAA) has been created as part of the MOD’s full response to the Nimrod Review by Charles Haddon-Cave QC following the deaths of 14 Service personnel onboard Nimrod XV230 on 2 September 2006.

The MAA will include an independent body to audit and scrutinise air safety activity. The MAA will be in place by 5 April 2010.

The creation of the MAA was one of two key strategic recommendations of Mr Haddon-Cave’s report which have both been accepted by the MOD. The other key recommendation is a revised arrangement of safety responsibilities for those personnel charged with ensuring the safe operation of military aircraft. (UK Ministry of Defence)