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Ninety warthogs removed from Harare Airport, Zimbabwe after incident
18 December 2009

Zimbabwe’s National Parks on Tuesday rounded up 90 warthogs from the Harare International Airport (HRE) after a South African Airways airplane was forced to abort the take off run after the pilots spotted warthogs on the runway.
Reportedly two warthogs were hit by the airplane.
This was the second occurrence in two months time. On November 3 an Air Zimbabwe MA60 aircraft impacted with warthogs during the take-off roll. The aircraft was about to lift off the ground when it hit the five warthogs. The plane’s nose and left main landing gears collapsed after the impact. The aircraft veered off to the left side of the runway and stopped off the runway with damage on the engine propeller and on the wing tip.
The warhogs were able to enter airport grounds due to vandalised parts of the perimeter fence. In other cases the animals dug their way underneath the fences.
(The Zimbabwe Telegraph)

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