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MAK issues final report on Yak-40 landing accident in Kazakhstan
16 December 2009

The MAK Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) issued their final report on the investigation into the accident involving a Yak-40 jet in Kazakhstan in September 2009. The airplane sank back onto the runway during a go-around, resulting in a belly landing. Factors identified in the investigation include:
– The crew’s unintended selection of the landing flaps to the fully retracted position shortly after leaving the ground, which led to a decrease in wing lift and subsidence of the aircraft;
– Retraction of the undercarriage at a low altitude, which led, in the subsidence aircraft, to the aircraft fuselage contacting the runway surface and further movement on the runway on the nose landing gear and part of the tracted main landing gear wheels;
– The crew’s attempt to go around with the engine reversers deployed, resulting in insufficient acceleration during the takeoff.
The decision to go around was made by the captain, most likely due to the longitudinal plane imbalance that has arisen in the first seconds of the path of the aircraft and caused erroneous actions of the pilot in the performance of landing. (MAK Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC))