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AAIB: final report on BAe-146 landing incident
14 September 2009

BAe 146 EI-CZO burst all four main landing gear tyres during the landing. The aircraft had overrun the landing distance available (LDA), but remained on the paved surface. The flight crew reported a total failure of the aircraft’s brakes.
It was a.o. concluded that the incorrect determination of the approach reference speed (VREF) as 119 kt, resulted in the aircraft landing faster than was necessary. The data suggested that the control columns may have been positioned forward of their customary position after touchdown, which could have contributed to a reduction of the aircraft’ s weight applied to the main wheels during the first part of the landing roll.
The lift spoilers did not deploy, which prevented a timely transfer of the aircraft’s weight from the wing to the main wheels, and hence the effectiveness of the wheel brakes during the early part of the landing roll was not maximised. The commander’s perception of brake system failure led him to select the emergency braking system which removed the anti-skid protection. (AAIB)