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JTSB issues report on Saab 340 runway excursion incident
28 August 2009

On December 18, 2007, at about 11:26, a Saab 340B, registered JA001C, operated by Japan Air Commuter as Flight 2345, ran off runway 25 at Izumo Airport toward the right (north) in the landing roll and continued running further while veering to the right before coming to a stop on the apron.
There were 37 persons on board. No one was injured in the serious incident. The aircraft was slightly damaged, and there was no outbreak of fire.
The JTSB concluded: “It is considered highly probable that this serious incident occurred through the following causal chain: While the left propeller of the Aircraft was brought to the coarsen pitch almost simultaneously with touchdown causing the Aircraft to veer to the right during its subsequent landing roll, no necessary procedures were taken to stop the veering and furthermore to recover the directional control, which resulted in the Aircraft deviating from the runway, the nose gear being broken, and eventually the Aircraft being unable to ground roll for itself.
With regard to the left propeller having been brought to the coarsen pitch, it is considered highly probable that the power lever operations that were performed prior to touchdown caused the autocoarsen to be activated.
It is considered highly probable that the nose gear was broken when it hit the ditch that runs parallel to the runway.” (JTSB)