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AAIB: final report on A319 electrical network failure incident
24 August 2009

The U.K. AAIB released the final investigation report into the serious incident involving an Airbus A319-111 aircraft operating a scheduled passenger flight between Alicante, Spain and Bristol, UK. The aircraft had experienced a fault affecting the No 1 (left) electrical generator on the previous flight and was dispatched on the incident flight with this generator selected off and the APU generator supplying power to the left electrical network.
While in the cruise at FL320 in day VMC, with the autopilot and autothrust systems engaged, a failure of the electrical system occurred which caused numerous aircraft systems to become degraded or inoperative. The aircraft could only be flown manually, all the aircraft’s radios became inoperative and the Captain’s electronic flight instrument displays blanked.
Attempts by the flight crew to reconfigure the electrical system proved ineffective and the aircraft systems remained in a significantly degraded condition for the remainder of the flight. The flight crew were unable to contact ATC for the rest of the flight. The aircraft landed uneventfully at Bristol, with the radios and several other systems still inoperative. (AAIB)