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BEA releases interim report on Air France Airbus A330 accident
2 July 2009

The French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) released an interim report based on the initial evidence gathered in the
course of the investigation of the June 2 accident involving an Air France A330.
Some of the findings are:
* the meteorological situation was typical of that encountered in the month of June in the inter-tropical convergence zone;
* there were powerful cumulonimbus clusters on the route of AF447. Some of them could have been the centre of some notable turbulence;
* several airplanes that were flying before and after AF 447, at about the same altitude, altered their routes in order to avoid cloud masses;
* twenty-four automatic maintenance messages were received between 02:10 and 02:15 via the ACARS system. These messages show inconsistency between the measured speeds as well as the associated consequences;
* visual examination showed that the airplane was not destroyed in flight; it appears to have struck the surface of the sea in a straight line with high vertical acceleration.