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ANSV: premature visual descent below minima at night caused Citation CFIT accide
2 July 2009

The Italian ANSV accident board released the final report of their investigation into the CFIT accident involving a Cessna Citation I near Cagliari in February 2004.

It was concluded that the airplane descended significantly below the area minimum altitude (AMA), insufficient to maintain the separation from the ground during a night visual approach in the absence of adequate visual reference.
Possible contributory factors included:
– The aircraft was not equipped with GPWS or TAWS, nor was it required to be by law;
– Premature VFR descent after misidentifying lights on the ground as the Elmas runway lights (induced by “black hole approach”)
– Failure to use published procedures and available instruments under conditions of total darkness;
– Read errors of the elevations listed in the maps consulted, facilitated by the non representation of the ground color;
– Inadequate rest, which may have contributed to a reduction in the performance of the crew. (ANSV)