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Mexico court ruling: Aviacsa allowed to fly again
12 June 2009

Aviacsa resumed operations after winning a court ruling overturning a government order grounding its planes for the second time over safety concerns.
The Transportation and Communications Department first grounded Aviacsa’s planes June 2, 2009 following inspections.
Aviacsa resumed flights four days later after a judge overturned the government’s order.
On June 11, 2009, the government re-grounded the airline after a federal appeals court reinstated the order. That same day the Fifth District Judge in Ciudad Valles determined that 20 airworthy aircraft of Aviacsa were allowed to resume flight operations. These aircraft are: XA-TTM, XA-TTP, XA-TUK, XA-TVD, XA-TVL, XA-TVN, XA-TWJ, XA-TWV, XA-TYC, XA-TYI, XA-TYO, XA-UAA, XA-UCG, XA-UIU, XA-UIV, XA-UJB, XA-UJC, XA-TWO, XA-NAF, XA-NAV.

Meanwhile the U.S. FAA decided to no longer allow Aviacse to operate flights to the United States until safety matters are resolved. (Secretar