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EASA issues emergency AD on BAe Jetstream MLG component issues
9 June 2009

BAe Systems have been notified by the main landing gear (MLG) radius rod manufacturer that a batch of incorrectly manufactured Buffer Springs (part number
184818) had been supplied to their parts distributor and MRO facilities in North
There is a risk that any radius rod fitted with one of these incorrectly manufactured Buffer Springs could jam in an unlocked position.
This condition, if not corrected, could result in MLG collapse. EASA thus issued an Emergency AD, requiring the replacement of each affected radius rod with a serviceable unit and allows the installation of the affected radius rods only after the accomplishment of APPH Service Bulletins 1847-32-14 and 1862-32-14.
The AD covers HP-137 Jetstream Mk.1, Jetstream 200, 3100 and 3200 models. (EASA)