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NTSC Indonesia releases preliminary report on MD-90 runway excursion
23 April 2009

The Indonesian NTSC released their preliminary findings of their investigation into the landing accident at Jakarta involving a MD-90 aircraft March 9, 2009.
During the approach to runway 25L, the weather conditions at the airport were reported as wind 200 degrees at 20 knots, visibility 1,500 meters, and rain. Based on this information, the captain decided to take over control from the co-pilot for the landing.
The captain later reported that he had the runway in sight passing through 1,000 feet on descent, so disengaged the auto pilot at 400 feet. At about 50 feet the aircraft drifted to the right and the captain initiated corrective action to regain the centreline. The aircraft touched down to the left of the runway 25 centerline and then commenced to drift to the right. The captain reported that he immediately commenced corrective action by using thrust reverser, but the aircraft increasingly crabbed along the runway with the tail to the right of runway heading.
The aircraft stopped at 08:35 on the right side of runway 25L, 1,095 meters from the departure end of the runway on a heading of 152 degrees; 90 degrees from the runway 25L track. The main landing gear was off the sealed runway surface and the nose gear was on the runway.
The aircraft’s right landing light was found at 45 meters from the runway 25L threshold mark, and the right outer wing had scratches that indicated that it had contacted the runway surface.