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NTSC Indonesia releases preliminary report on BAe-146 collision with terrain
23 April 2009

According to preliminary findings released by the Indonesian NTSC, the BAe-146 aircraft crashed while on a cargo flight to Wamena, April 9, 2009.
The airplane was observed to make an approach to runway 15 at Wamena and then conducted a go around from a low height over the runway. The aircraft climbed to a low height along the extended centreline to the south east, before making a right turn onto a right downwind leg of the circuit.
Witnesses observed the aircraft continuing on the right downwind at a lower than normal circuit height. They lost sight of the aircraft when it was passing a late downwind position. It subsequently made a right turn, presumably onto a right base leg and flew through the extended centreline.
The aircraft subsequently impacted Pikei Hill on Tengah Mountain. At the time of the accident there was haze and broken cloud; base 300 meters. (NTSC)