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Italian Ministry of Justice will improve cooperation with ANSV
9 March 2009

The Italian flight safety board, ANSV, received a positive response from the Ministry of Justice regarding safety recommendation ANSV-10/888-06/1/A/08, issued following the accident involving a Piper PA-31 (I-POMO) on November 6th, 2006.

In particular, the Ministry of Justice invited the Directors of Public Prosecutions within the Appeal Courts to stipulate that, in the case of an accident involving an aircraft and immediately following the event, in compatibility with search and rescue activities, there shall be no tampering with or alteration of evidence before the arrival of the assigned ANSV investigators, in order not to compromise acquisition of evidences necessary to determine the cause. The ministry has also stated that, following any examinations, in compatibility with public safety requirements, the subsequent recovery of wreckage is also to be coordinated with ANSV personnel.

Nevertheless, the FDR/CVR data of the fatal Cessna Citation accident currently under investigation are still exclusively in the hands of the responsible judicial authority. (ANSV)

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