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AAIU (Ireland): Cessna 208B stalled during go around in marginal weather conditi
21 January 2009

The Irish AAIU released the final report of their investigation into the fatal accident involving a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan near Connemara Airport in July 2007.
The Pilot attempted to land downwind in marginal weather conditions. This resulted in a late go-around during which control was lost due to inadequate airspeed.
Contributory factors were:
1. Communications were not established between the Pilot and EICA thus denying the Pilot the opportunity of being informed of the changed wind conditions and the runway in use.
2. The aircraft was over maximum landing weight.
3. The altimeters were under-reading due to incorrect QNH settings.
4. The additional stress on the Pilot associated with the conduct of a demonstration flight.