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EU updates blacklist: Siem Reap Airways and all Angolan airlines banned
14 November 2008

The European Commission adopted the ninth update of the so-called blacklist of airlines that are banned from flying into the countries of the European Union due to safety concerns. In addition to the previous restrictions, the Commission has imposed a ban on all operations of Siem Reap Airways International from Cambodia. At the same time, it has extended the ban on TAAG Angola Airlines to all airlines certified in Angola on the basis of “significant safety concerns” raised by ICAO in its audit report of 1st October 2008, which still remain open and affect the safety of operations of all Angolan carriers.
The Commission decided to maintain the ban on all operations of Ukraine Mediterranean Airlines and Ukraine Cargo Airways as the airlines have not proven the successful implementation of corrective actions for the permanent resolution of previously detected safety deficiencies.
With regard to Nouvelle Air Affaires certified in Gabon, the Commission decided to maintain the full operating ban already imposed on the air carrier. There is no evidence so far that the company’s plan of corrective measures has been approved and verified by the Gabonese civil aviation authorities. (EU)