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CASA: improvements needed after QANTAS maintenance review
1 September 2008

CASA wants Qantas to make a range of improvements to the way it manages and delivers aircraft maintenance following a special review carried out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

CASA has told the airline to produce a plan to address deficiencies in meeting some of its own maintenance performance targets.

At the same time Qantas will examine whether the existing lines of authority and control over maintenance within the airline are delivering the best possible outcomes.

While these actions are under way CASA will be conducting two additional intensive audits of Qantas.

The first will be a full maintenance audit of one aircraft of each major aircraft type in the Qantas fleet – a 747-400, 737-400 and 767-300. This will involve checking all maintenance documentation for each of these aircraft to see it has been completed, as well as physically examining the aircraft on the ground.

The second audit will focus on the effectiveness of Qantas maintenance systems in managing and implementing airworthiness directives. This will identify any weaknesses in Qantas maintenance systems in relation to managing the ongoing airworthiness of its aircraft.

CASA has also called on Qantas to report on how the recent failures to fully comply with airworthiness directive requirements have been addressed. (CASA)