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NTSB investigating near midair collision In New York
9 July 2008

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a near midair collision near New York-JFK in which two airliners came in close proximity to one another.
On July 5, 2008, 20:36, Cayman Airways flight 792, a Boeing 737-300, and LAN Chile flight 533, Boeing 767-300, almost collided according to initial reports.
The Cayman Airways flight, on approach to runway 22L, was executing a missed approach and conflicted with the LAN Chile flight that was departing runway
13R. Tower controllers intervened to attempt to resolve the conflict, assigning both aircraft diverging headings. The closest proximity of the two aircraft has not yet been determined. At the time of the incident, the weather was VFR with 6 miles visibility and haze.

Initial draft transcription of JFK Tower recordings:
T 00:00 = LAN Chile takeoff clearance.

00:00 – ATC: ..runway one three right cleared for takeoff
00:03 – LAN: cleared for takeoff LAN Air five thirty three
00:50 – Unk: Cayman uhh seven ….
00:55 – ATC: Uhh Cayman seven ninety two
01:03 – ATC: Cayman seven ninety two I need you to make a right turn, make a right turn heading one … one …aahh
01:12 – ATC: Cayman seven ninety two just maintain one thousand please… I need a left turn a quick left turn a left turn heading zero niner zero now [unreadable]
01:21 – CAY: … zero niner zero
01:27 – ATC: LAN Chile five thirty three traffic on missed approach of 22 left he is turning southbound […] turn right turn to one seven zero now
01:36 – LAN: turning one seven zero now
(NTSB; JFK Tower recording)