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NTSB issues recommendations after Traverse City CRJ overrun
18 June 2008

After completing the investigation into the April 2007 accident at Traverse City (TVC) in which a Canadair Regional Jet overran the runway, the NTSB issued four new safety recommendations. They also reiterated three earl recommendations.
The new recommendations to the FAA are:
Emphasize with principal operations inspectors the importance of conducting timely postaccident drug and alcohol testing. (A-08-40)

As part of the Takeoff/Landing Performance Assessment Aviation Rulemaking Committee, address the need for initial training on the rationale for and criticality of conducting landing distance assessments before landing on contaminated runways. (A-08-41)

Issue a CertAlert to all 14 CFR 139 certificated airports that describes the circumstances of this accident, emphasizes the importance of specific and decisive radio communications, and urges airports to ensure that those criteria are being met in all airfield radio communications. (A-08-42)

Require all 14 CFR 139 certificated airport operators to include in their airport’s snow and ice control plan absolute criteria for type and depth of contamination and runway friction assessments that, when met, would trigger immediate closure of the affected runway to air carrier operations. Friction assessments should be based on pilot braking action reports, values obtained from ground friction measuring equipment, or estimates provided by airport ground personnel. (A-08-43)