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Mexico suspends AOC of Magnicharters
18 June 2008

To ensure the safety of air passengers, the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), through the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended on June 10, the operations Magnicharters.
As part of the routine checks carried out by the DGCA during the previous two weeks the airline Magnicharters was visited by 18 inspectors. A significant number of anomalies in the maintenance of aircraft were found, as well as shortcomings in the area of training.

Additionally, there was a difficult financial situation in the company, which hampers their ability to maintain a healthy and sustainable operation.

The SCT granted the company a period of up to 90 calendar days to resolve the problems identified, as a prerequisite to enable it to return to service.

Magnicharters operates a fleet of five Boeing 737 type aircraft with an average age of 23 years and flies routes within the country to 13 cities. (Secretar