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FAA isses emergency AD on Eclipse 500 throttle quadrants
13 June 2008

The FAA issued an emergency airworthiness direction regarding a.o. an inspection of the Eclipse 500 throttle quadrants following an incident on June 5, 2008.
Following a windshear encounter on final approach, the pilot of an Eclipse 500 jet applied full throttle using enough force against the forward stops to exceed the design throttle position signal maximum range. The associated fault mode held the engine thrust settings at the last known throttle position, which was maximum.
Following the balked landing, the pilot elected to shutdown one engine. Upon shutdown of one engine, the opposite engine thrust reduced to idle and was unresponsive to subsequent throttle lever movement. The pilot was able to land the aircraft with no injury or substantial damage, although both main tires were blown during the event.
Exceeding the throttle position signal maximum range could cause loss of left and right engine control, which could result in the inability to maintain desired airspeed and/or altitude with consequent loss of control.