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NTSB issues recommendations on airport diagrams
4 June 2008

While investigating a ground collision at Newark when two aircraft clipped wings, a safety issue was revealed that, though not causal or contributing to the accident, could compromise safety under other circumstances. At the time of the accident, two taxiway designations were incorrectly labeled on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) EWR airport diagram.
The National Transportation Safety Board thus recommends that the U.S. FAA:
Develop and document formal guidance for the revision, publication, and review of airport diagrams that contains, at a minimum, a review of draft diagrams before publication, as well as a control to ensure that reviews are performed each publication cycle as required in FAA Order 7910.4C, Airport Diagrams. (A-08-30)
Revise FAA Order 7910.4C, Airport Diagrams, to ensure airport district offices review revised airport diagrams in their respective regions each publication cycle. (A-08-31) (NTSB)