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NTSB issues recommendations for Boeing 757 wing panels
23 May 2008

Following an occurrence in March 2008 when a Boeing 757 experienced an in-flight separation of a wing panel in cruis flight, the NTSB issued three recommendations to the FAA:
Require operators of Boeing 757 airplanes to conduct a one-time visual inspection of the upper wing fixed trailing edge panel support beam clips for cracks, proper orientation, and spacers, and to replace cracked clips and reinstall any clips that are improperly oriented or that lack spacers, in accordance with Boeing Service Bulletin 757-57-0027, Revision 2, dated November 14, 1991. (A-08-22)

Require operators to report any cracked clips found during the one-time inspection, as requested in Safety Recommendation A-08-22, as well as the part number and orientation of the clips relative to the wing rear sparvertical stiffeners and whether spacers were present; thenanalyze this information to determine if repetitiveinspections are required. (A-08-23)

Require Boeing to issue more explicit instructions and figures that clearly illustrate the correct orientation of the clips and spacers that attach the Boeing 757 panel
support beam to the wing rear spar vertical stiffeners. (A-08-24) (NTSB)