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British coroner says Nimrod plane is not airworthy
23 May 2008

A British coroner investigating the in-flight fire and crash of an RAF Nimrod plane in Afghanistan said the Royal Air Force should ground its Nimrods.
The entire RAF Nimrod fleet has “never been airworthy from the first time it was released to service” nearly 40 years ago and should be grounded immediately, the assistant deputy coroner for Oxfordshire said.
The RAF responded by noting that they “have stopped air-to-air refuelling and no longer use the very hot air systems in flight. This eradicates any dangers from the serious design failures noted by the Coroner that have been present in this aircraft since the 1980s. These measures have been supplemented with enhanced aircraft maintenance and inspection procedures to ensure the aircraft, as it is today, is safe to fly.” (The Times, Ministry of Defence)