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Kyrgyzstan bans old aircraft
7 May 2008

The Government Kyrgyzstan has taken measures to improve aviation safety in the country.
Prime minister Igor Chudinov signed a decree, banning old aircraft from the civil aircraft register of Kyrgyzstan. As of May 1, 2008 aircraft older than 30 years may not be registered in Kyrgyzstan. Starting from January 1, 2010 this rule will apply for aircraft older than 25 years. Also, carriage of passengers is not allowed on board aircraft, previously included in the Register of Civil Aircraft Kyrgyz Republic, older than 40 years.
The decision has been taken following audits of the Kyrgyz aviation authority by EU and ICAO experts. They noted a discrepancy between the number of inspectors and the number of Kyrgyz aircraft. In order to maintain the airworthiness of aircraft over 30 years of age considerable material costs have to be made. Unscrupulous operators sometimes conceal part of the work required or knowingly provide false documents. The limited supervisory staff of the Department of Civil Aviation is not able to thoroughly check these documents.
(Government Kyrgyzstan)