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FAA to install runway safety warning system at Boston-Logan
11 April 2008

Technology that warns pilots about potential runway safety hazards will be installed and tested at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) under a partnership between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport). The test system will be installed in November 2009 and testing will begin the following month, a full two years ahead of the planned national program deployment.

The system, called Runway Status Lights, uses a series of red lights embedded in the pavement to warn pilots if it is unsafe to cross over or enter a runway. Under the agreement between the FAA and Massport, pilots will begin testing Runway Status Lights at Logan next year. The FAA and Massport are sharing the cost of the system, estimated at $5 million.

Boston will be the first location in the country to test Runway Status Lights for intersecting runways. (FAA)