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FAA issues final rule, revising CVR and DFDR regulations
6 March 2008

The U.S. FAA issued a final rule, amending cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and digital flight data recorder (DFDR) regulations affecting certain air carriers, operators, and aircraft manufacturers. This final rule increases the duration of certain CVR recordings, increases the data recording rate for certain DFDR parameters, requires physical separation of the DFDR and CVR, improves the reliability of the power supplies to both the CVR and DFDR, and requires that certain datalink communications received on an aircraft be recorded if datalink communication equipment is installed.
This final rule is based on recommendations issued by the NTSB following its investigations of several accidents and incidents, and includes other revisions the FAA has determined are necessary. These changes to CVR and DFDR systems are intended to improve the quality and quantity of information recorded, and increase the potential for retaining important information needed for accident and incident investigations. (FAA)