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South Africa suspends approval of Nationwide Aircraft Maintenance Organization
30 November 2007

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) announced that with effect from midnight, 29 November 2007, the approval for the Nationwide Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) has been suspended in terms of Part 145 of the Civil Aviation Regulations. This action has been necessitated by the inability of the AMO to demonstrate full compliance with the applicable Civil Aviation Regulations of 1997 as amended and thereby is unable to guarantee continued safety to an acceptable or required level.
Furthermore, the SACAA also confirms the suspension of the Certificates of Airworthiness of aircraft maintained by the AMO in terms of Part 21, effective midnight 29 November 2007. As a result of this action the aircraft that constitute the Nationwide air fleet will not be permitted to undertake any further flights until their airworthiness status has been verified.
The SACAA would like to assure the public that the above decision was reached after the
SACAA conducted a rigorous audit of the AMO in an effort to confirm its compliance with
applicable regulations. The AMO was unable to satisfy the Authority of its capability to continue
maintaining the aircraft to a standard commensurate with the requirement of the Civil Aviation
Regulations (CARs). (CAA S.A.)