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FAA exceeds annual goal for reducing the most serious runway incursions
31 October 2007

The U.S. FAA reported that it exceeded its goal for reducing the most serious runway incursions by 25 percent in fiscal year 2007. There were 24 serious runway incursions this past year out of more than 61 million operations, or one incursion for every 2,545,000 operations, improving on the agency`s goal of no more than one incursion for every two million surface movements.
The FAA and industry leaders recently identified short-term steps that could be implemented within 60 days. The initiatives center on improved procedures, increased training for airport and airline personnel, and enhanced airports signs and markings. The FAA just completed a runway safety review of 20 airports — a list based on runway incursion data and wrong-runway issues. Based on the findings, airports have taken action to improve signage and paint markings, as well put training programs in place for airport personnel. Another short-term initiative is an agreement with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) to put in place a voluntary reporting system. (FAA)