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Final report issued on Garuda B737-400 accident at Yogyakarta
22 October 2007

The Indonesian investigators released their final report regarding the fatal accident involving a Garuda Boeing 737-400 at Yogyakarta (JOG) in March 2007.
The aircraft was flown at an excessive airspeed and steep flight path angle during the approach and landing, resulting in an unstabilized approach. The captain did not follow company procedures that required him to fly a stabilized approach, and he did not abort the landing and go around when the approach was not stabilized. His attention was fixated or channelized on landing the aircraft on the runway and he either did not hear, or disregarded the GPWS alerts and warnings and calls from the copilot to go around.
As the aircraft was being flown at speeds that were in excess of the wing flaps operation speed, the copilot elected not to extend the flaps as instructed by the PIC. The flaps remained at 5 degrees. (KNKT)