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AMI Jet appeals emergency suspension to NTSB
15 October 2007

AMI Jet Charter submitted a petition for review to the NTSB`s law judges, asking for a stay of the FAA`s emergency suspension of AMI`s charter certificate. The FAA issued the emergency suspension on October 4, effectively shutting down the operation of the 79 airplanes on AMI`s charter certificate. This includes 48 airplanes managed by TAG Aviation USA,
which owns 49 percent of AMI.
In its suspension notice, the FAA accused AMI of failing to demonstrate that six airplanes and their flight crews were in compliance with FAA Part 135 regulations for flights conducted on October 1 and 2. The compliance issues were that `AMI failed to produce or timely produce records related to pilot training, flight and duty and rest records, and weight and balance
records,` according to the FAA. The FAA also accused AMI of having no knowledge that one of its aircraft was being flown on a charter flight on October 2.
The FAA`s allegations in the suspension notice are `baseless,
exaggerated or misleading,` according to AMI. And ultimately, the issue of suspending AMI`s charter certificate on an emergency basis by claiming
that there is a safety risk to the public is not supported by the facts, according to the company. AMI said that it has tried to work closely with the FAA on operational control issues and has made many changes to ensure that it is fully compliant with the latest A008 OpSpec. (AIN Online)