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Reports: Boeing 747 off-course on finals to Lagos- nearly hits building
2 October 2007

Press reports indicate that an Atlas Air Boeing 747 cargo plane deviated from the approach path while on finals to Lagos-Murtala Muhammed International Airport. The airplane, arriving from Dubai, was said to have passed the newly commissioned terminal building at extremely low height.
The crew carried out a missed approach and landed safely on runway 18R.
NAMA managing director, Captain Ado Sanusi witnessed the incident and assured that the agency had started making a preliminary investigation into the incident, which happened at 12:30. Weather at 13:00 local time was reported as: DNMM 021200Z 00000KT 1500 HZ BKN010 FEW020CB 26/24 Q1013 TEMPO 5000=. (This Day, Xinhua)